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Wandering Spirit Yoga Adventures for 2014: Look Out World Here Come the Yogis!

Happy Belated New Year!  I can’t believe it is 2014 already…where did 2013 go!

I remember as a small kid my parents telling me, warning me, to slow down because times just seems to speed up as we grow up.  Of course I didn’t understand that then, but with each passing year it makes more and more sense.  It also makes me more aware of how I spend my time and making the most of my time.  Sooooooo… look out 2014, WSYT has some fabulous adventures planned for this upcoming year!

First up this month is the WINTER ESCAPE TO PARADISE in Cat Island Bahamas.  Actually, I am headed down to the Bahamas in two days from now to set up for the arrival of the crew this coming Saturday! (Apparently, I planned this well as another cold front rolls into North Carolina just as I leave!)  I am pumped to be bringing another crew down home to the island on which I grew up.  It is hard to explain what makes this island so magical…but I will try for you.

b2ap3_thumbnail_P1000225As I sit at the water’s edge in Fernandez Bay with the waves tickling my feet I feel at peace.  There is an energy here that calms my internal dialogue and allows me to sit still, internally and externally.

I can sit quietly for hours watching the soft ripples atop the water as a breeze tiptoes by.  My endless to-do lists no longer matter.  I do not need to be anywhere other than exactly where I am in that moment.

It is a feeling, a focus, a practice I strive for when I am not here.  This feeling of complete calm, quiet, contentment in serene stillness is a gift the island gives.  And this is the gift I look to share with others.

So now that I have you ready to jump on a plane down to Cat Island…keep your eyes peeled as I will be posting our August Cat Island trip dates in short order!



b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC01564_20140121-203140_1Next up:  SUN, SEA, SAIL & YOGA!  Yes, that is right, WSYT is setting sail for a week of cruising around the Leeward Islands the second week of June.

Never sailed…don’t worry!  You have option: I can teach you to sail or you can just kick back and enjoy the ride.  If you are worried about motion sickness…got that covered too.  We will be cruising around on a 40’ catamaran which is much more stable than a traditional mono hull sailboat.

My personal favorite is meditating to the sound of the ocean while watching the sun set! I have been cruising around these islands for over a decade; there are some great adventures to be had around these islands as well as some great nooks to get our yoga on!

Remember, WSYT is all about taking your yoga off the beaten path!




Last, but most definitely not least for the year WSYT is pairing up with Lila Rasa Brown and heading to INDIA for two weeks of


Why Rishikesh?  Where better to study and practice yoga than where it first came into being…

Lila will be teaching a daily class introducing Tantric Philosophy and Rasa Yoga.  A two hour yoga asana practice will follow the discussion time to dive deeper into your asana yoga practice.

Get your yoga on Indian style with optional afternoon or evening practice at a local yoga hall. Sample and learn more about how yoga is still being taught in India!

And then there is white water rafting, hiking, local spice markets and the Taj Mahal to visit! Don’t worry, I have built in ‘wandering’ time into the schedule for you to get lost and soak up the culture on your own.  And I promise you this will be an adventure in and of itself with many stories to share. And to top it all off we will be there during Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights, as well as the Rishikesh’s International Yoga and Music Festival!

Yikes, I get so excited as I write about the trips WSYT has looking forward into this year. Believe it or not but we are already looking in another trip down to Ecuador to do Yoga and Service, so keep your eyes peeled for that trip to be posted up on the website soon!

So check out this year’s trips and tell your friends about them!  Help spread the word that Wandering Spirit Yoga Travel is here to help you do something different with your yoga practice!

Taking the Road Less Traveled!

b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-blog1Welcome to the Wandering Spirit Yoga Travel Blog!  When I sat down to think about what I wanted this blog to be about it was pretty easy… ADVENTURES!  Every day is an adventure if you stop and think about it.

Over the years of learning about yoga asana, meditation and pranayama, I have come to the realization that these practices are really no different to the adventures of traveling to a new faraway country.  No matter how well you plan ahead with your practice or how good your intentions are, there is always an element of the unknown until you get there.  When you arrive… proceed forward with curiosity, an open mind… and work with whatever is presented to you! This philosophy holds true throughout my practice and my travels.

With this in mind I look forward to bringing you all things yoga, travel, adventure and fun such as: information about exciting places you can take your practice around the globe; yoga dorkiness on poses, practice, breath, science+yoga, fun yoga factoids to boggle your friends with and other relevant and interesting tidbits I find along the way that will contribute to your life’s journey!

This is a whole new adventure for me and I am excited to have your company along the way.  I have been working in the travel industry for the past ten years designing, coordinating and running international adventure programs for other people.

My love affair with yoga began in 2001, and I have been teaching since 2008. Now, I am taking my passion for yoga and my experience in the adventure travel industry and blending them together. My goal is to share my passion with all of you out there looking to do something a little different and a little crazy with your vacation, while still bringing your asana, pranayama, and meditation practice with you.

I look forward to have you join me on this journey to take yoga off the beaten path!

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