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Have you ever wanted to go an adventure, visit a new country, immerse yourself in a culture, learn something new AND take your yoga practice with you?  We definitely have!  This is what Wandering Spirit does.  We unite yoga, travel and adventure; we connect adventure seeking yogis out there and take them on the road less travelled.  This is our motto:  Yoga off the beaten path!We do something different with your vacation.  Let us take you out of your comfort zone, into the world to see and try new things, pushing you to learn more about the world around and perhaps more about yourself in return. We help you disconnect from a world that is increasingly non-stop ‘connected,’ and reconnect to yourself.  We push you to learn about yoga, the world and yourself.Our small group sizes allow us flexibility in our itinerary enabling us to adapt our trips on the go to the goals, needs and wishes of our students.  This also means we are able to leave more time to wander wherever we are. One of the great joys of traveling is the ability to wander and get lost a little, and the adventure of finding our way back.

Our teachers are as passionate about travel as they are about their yoga and will bring a new sense of adventure to your practice.  With our small group sizes teachers are able to adapt their teaching and classes to the needs of the students, helping them grow in their own practice.

So whether your adventure is just disconnecting from the digital world, getting your hands dirty with a service project, or hiking into the Amazon, we will take you there.  Travel the world, do something different and take your yoga with you!

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